This is one article written in english, so at the first paragraph i want to apology if there lot of wrong placed words, grammars, or something.

I don’t know what this is actualy, i can feel but i can’t see, these things can turn me to overexcited state more than anything affected me before, no i mean yes i was felt just for little numbers in my life. I’m very thankful for those things can make me feels better, make me much more better than any man in the world, even i know that i’m not too special for that state. But in the other side i feel bad, i had some not too good past, but that things too which made me thought that i must have a brighter one in the future. I don’t care that nobody take care of me, but i care to take care of anybody which i known. I just want to be somebody that can helpful for each other.

I just want to say that I am not an expert in quantum physics, even i am not good enough in math technicaly, but one thing that you must know is if i do care to somebody i do care with all of my life, yes like i said in my email’s footer “Dengan segala kesungguhan dan kerendahan hati” oh man that’s not just words, that’s my little point to express if i really do care to do something, i just wanna do perfect and be the best at anything for anyone. Especially for my future, i mean my friends, i mean my love yes family. Don’t you know if family is the best thing in the world? If you was realized that’s good for you and may the force be with you, if you don’t get the point of those words you must doing something that can bring you to know how much money which can pay the family.

I don’t know what i wrote above, but i had something which i can’t say. if i can, i’ll keep it for somewhile till i die, but if i can’t i’ll talk these things to her.

The damned fact is woman always have a way to make a man like this -> (n). Thanks for everything, thank you. That nice to me, you know that i will towards myself into the best, much more before i know you, and i hope it so to you.

This is awkward to me, but the point is i’ll always make a happiness, i’ll always do.

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